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Exhibiton Planning

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Exhibition Installation

  • Set-up and tear-down work schedule should be considered into the License Period. Licensed area is determined by the size and number of booths.

Check list for contractors

  • Booth Contractors

    All booths shall be set up by ICC JEJU's Exclusive Service Providers. The list is found on the website, www.iccjeju.co.kr (not available yet)

  • Work Plan

    All applications related to booth installation require detailed information of contractors and workers. All forms should be filled out by the Licensee's designated contractors and submitted to the ICC JEJU Operation Manager.

  • Booth Installation

    ICC JEJU's Exclusive Service Provider should install fixtures and work on electricity supply for exhibition and events in ICC JEJU.

    All booth stands and flooring materials should be made flame retardant or fire proof. (Environment friendly materials are recommended)

    Flooring is considered as a part of interior architectural work. Service Providers must possess an Interior Architect License.

    Paint work on site is prohibited. If there is a need, prior approval from ICC JEJU is required.

    There should be 3 meters or more width of aisle between exhibition stands.

    Aisles should be connected directly to all exits and emergency exits.

    No booth or supporting facilities are allowed in obstruction of emergency exits, machinery room, storage room, move-in and move-out area, fire extinguishers, and bathroom.

    All booths shall be set up at least 30cm apart from permanent walls and portable panels. Booths are not allowed to get affixed to the permanent fixtures.

    No drilling or nailing is allowed on flooring work.

    All lights must be turned off after leaving the exhibition area.

  • Electricity

    Electricity for spot lighting should not exceed 100VA/1㎡.

    600V FR-CV or more is required for power connections. DH 2.5m㎡ x 3C cable is required for lighting and heating purpose wiring work.

    For every booth, MCCB(Molded Case Circuit Breakers) is required for connecting with the main power cable. E.L.B is the only option for lighting and outlet circuit breakers.

    Earth-type two-pin 220V outlet should be installed 30 cm above ground level and place a yellow jacket for safety purpose.

    Separate switches should be added according to operational and spot lighting purpose.

    All electrical work should comply with the Electrical Equipment Regulations in design and construction.

    Temporary electrical input requires ICC JEJU's designated Safety Personnel safety inspection and approval before installation.

    Only Electricity Construction License holders can perform electricity related work.

    Use of power appliances including electric saw, power sander, welding machine, and oxy fuel torch is not allowed in the licensed area.

    Safety fence should be placed near heating appliances reaching over 70℃ on the surface.

  • Set-up and dismantlement of Exhibition Booths

    The Licensee and contractors generally set up booths 1 or 2 days prior to the event date and dismantle on the final event day. The Licensee must take protective measures around the booth area to keep the facility safe from potential damage.

  • Load Capacity

    The maximum load of move-in and exhibited equipment is as the following:

    - Exhibition Area (Level 1 Event Hall) : 1.6 ton/1㎡

    - Level 3 lobby and Level 5 Foyer: 0.3 ton/1㎡

    - Conference Rooms (each level) : 0.5 ton/1㎡

  • Hazardous Goods

    Operation of high-risk equipment or goods prone to explosion, fire, and gas accident is strictly forbidden in the licensed area. Use and storage of hazardous goods requires additional safety precautions. The Licensee shall bear the full responsibility in the case of accidents which occur from handling hazardous goods.

  • Waste Disposal

    It is the responsibility of the Licensee to ensure disposal and management of all kinds of waste from using the facility, including moving in and out the premise.

    ICC JEJU offers basic cleaning service for smooth operation of the event.

    Basic cleaning service does not include removal of industrial waste such as iron, wood, plastic, chemical materials, and explosive materials that may arise from exhibition and theatrical production.

    Such industrial waste should be handled by a professional waste management company. If the waste is not disposed on time, ICC JEJU may bill 10% of depository maintenance fee for providing the cleaning service.

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